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Vintage Lace & Terial Magic, Voila!

Heidi Emmet | May 8, 2017

Heidi Emmett got us excited when she created a beautiful vest using vintage lace and a fabric stabilizer. See how Terial Magic can make stitching unruly fabrics a breeze. 


Lace is all the rage in everything from dresses, skirts, tops, and oh yes, vests! This pattern features  a long lean look with a beautiful border lace. The square cut side panel is a nice design feature and will help accommodate loose sleeved tops underneath. The pattern is available in women sizes: XS-4X and a matching little girls version in girls sizes: 4-8. Both vests are in one pattern plus one really fun small quilt pattern is included also.


I could not just make this vest all one lace. I wanted to do something really light and airy. So, let’s explore what I did!


Here is a closer look and I KNOW what you are thinking: “Did she put everything on tissue paper?” That is what it looks like.


A couple more shots to really get you wondering…..It’s always good to think outside the box, right?


The beautiful wide lace trim on the right side is really old but in mint condition. The stripe on the other side is from a blouse I cut up. The other trims are various pieces I have collected over the years



Some of the trim was too white so I tea dyed it or as it is often called, “tea stained". It was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s and is making a comeback. The more teabags you add, the deeper the off white color. Different tea blends yield different colors. I love all the choices these days. Nylon, cotton and rayon laces are the only fibers that will soak up the tea dye. Just dip the lace in the tea dye, leave it in as long as you need to achieve the depth of color you want. Remember, when it dries it will be lighter. I like to use lots of shades of off-white.


Next, I got my pattern, fabric stabilizer, lace, and butterflies. 


Terial Magic Fabric Stabilizer was exactly what I needed to treat my Tim Holtz butterfly fabric. I did that first thing and cut out as many butterflies as I could and placed them on a piece of cardboard. I began to place pieces of lace and butterflies here and there. But wait a minute, all the pieces of lace are cotton and look how wrinkly they are! I put those pieces into a plastic bag and sprayed them with Terial Magic fabric stabilizer then ironed each one dry. Voila, crisp and flat now!


I used Abaca paper by Judy Coates Perez which was the perfect size for the back of my vest. Abaca paper is actually made from Bananas! Look at how flat all the lace pieces are laying when I used both Abaca Paper and Terial Magic together. To see how Abaca paper or tea bads should be used, see the butterfly above.


In the background you can see the “Flowers and Lace” small quilt project that is included in the vest pattern too. All the lace pieces and stacked flowers were first treated with Terial Magic. They were a pleasure to stitch down after being treated. Whatever did we do before Terial Magic? It truly is MAGIC and I will buy it by the gallon now!

Buy it online at Craftsy, or buy a hard copy (with tissue pieces) directly from me at:

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Heidi Emmet
Heidi Emmet on May 8, 2017

My name is Heidi and I live in Grass Valley, in northern California, near Lake Tahoe. People have asked about my past experiences in fabric arts and design. It all started when, at my mother’s sewing table, I’d design and make outfits for my Barbie doll. I love anything to do with fabric and clothing and accessories. I owned a full service fabric store for 16 years and took 12 years off to be a full-time wife and mother. I have a very supportive husband and one son who is a junior in college.