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Thread Painted Appliqué for Scarves and More!

Terry McFeely | May 27, 2017

Learn how Terial Magic helps with thread painted appliqué. Terial Arts inventor, Terry McFeely, shows how you can apply a pattern to make a custom scarf for Mother’s Day. 

This scarf is from my very good friend, Heidi Emmet’s new book, “Fashion Quilted Accessories”. I took her fabulous idea of thread painting novelty fabric appliqué onto linen or linen-like fabric to create a one of a kind scarf that will be treasured!

Step 1: Pick your pattern

I first made the scarves following Heidi’s book pattern out of a linen blend.  I then treated an Alexander Henry fabric with Terial Magic, which I recently found at my local quilt shop, Sugar Pine Quilts. It is called “the Ghastlies Family Reunion”; full of fun and manic children and family figures, even their cat!


Step 2: Cutting

Once the fabric is treated, dried to damp and pressed, it is like cutting paper. Cut three smaller motifs for the headband and two scenes for the front and back or scarf tails. Cut close to outline but don’t worry about getting it perfect. The stitching covers the edges completely.

Step 3: Treat the scarf with Terial Magic

Treat scarf areas that will be appliquéd on with Terial Magic, dry and press flat. Center and pin motifs to head scarf.

Step 4: Arrange and pin

Arrange neck scarf motifs and pin, near scarf ends. I used two different scenes, one on each end of the scarf.

Step 5: Stitching

Set the machine up for free motion straight stitch. Stitch close to edge, go back and forth creating a sketch looking stitch around motif 2-3 times, removing pins once motif is held in place with a few stitches. Use curly stitches around hair, fur and ruffled hems and straight stitches around the body.
Here you can see the stitches used on the front side. On the backside of the fabric the stitching is even shown better. I love this kind of thread painting! It is so easy and even your stray stitches look like they are on purpose! The stitching on the backside looks good enough to be the front side, but let’s save that for another blog!
Not familiar with how Terial Magic works? Click here!

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Terry McFeely
Terry McFeely on May 27, 2017

Terry McFeely invented Terial Magic, the first non-toxic fabric stabalizer. As an artist, she uses her own product to stop fabric from fraying and for giving shape to a variety of fabric projects.