DIY Poinsettia Table Runner for your Holidays!

Terry McFeely | June 26, 2017


To make this elegant Terial Magic table runner,  download the free instructions. Pair this holiday table runner with our stemless poinsettias (pattern available here) and you have a holiday table you and your guests will love! Watch Terry's how to video.


Holiday table runner

Terial Arts poinsettia pattern

Let's Begin: Mounted Poinsettia Instructions

Treat fabrics with Terial Magic with three simple steps. Use Terial Arts poinsettia pattern to make fabric poinsettias for the table runner embellishments. Use fabric colors to compliment your table runner.  Cut pattern pieces for leaves, petals and poinsettia centers from Terial Magic treated fabric.

Circle pattern

Step 1: Cut out circles.

Cut 1 1/2” diameter flower mount circle from Ultra suede, felt or cardboard. this will be the back of your flower.

Baste stitching the leaves

Step 2: Baste stich all leaf, petal, and pattern pieces.

Baste stitch all leaf, petal and center pattern pieces (back tacking on one edge) as shown on instructions. Use machine quilt thread in bobbin for stronger pull threads.

Fabric leaves

Step 3: Pull bobbin thread to gather leaf.

Starting with leaf, (4th layer) pull bobbin thread to gather leaf length to 2”. Then, pull the top thread to lock stitching, or tie knot, to hold gathers in place. Form circle and hot glue (using low heat hot glue) ends together. 

Fabric leaf

Step 4: Hot glue.

Flip over and place a bead of hot glue on top of stitches and place flower mount on top centering.

Hot glue Terial Magic flower

Step 5: Gather third layer of the petal and glue.

Gather third layer petal to 2”-3” in length (tighter the gathers, fuller the flower). Glue to create circle. Add glue on back side on stitches then center and glue on top of leaves. 

Terial Magic Fabric Flower Poinsettia

Step 6: Check the petal placement.

Make sure that the petal placement alternates with the leaves. Do not align them!

Terial Magic DIY Fabric Flower Poinsettia

Step 7: Repeat the gathering.

Repeat the gathering and gluing for the next 2 layers (2nd and 1st) making sure to keep petals placement alternating with the layer as shown.

Fabric Poinsettia Construction

Step 8: Gather poinsettia and glue.

Gather poinsettia center to 3”, add a dab of hot glue to the right side of one end, roll to create the base for the center. Add a 2” bead of glue along straight edge and roll tightly, keeping edges even. Add another bead and roll to the other end. 

Terial Magic DIY Fabric Flower Poinsettia

Step 9: Adhere the flower together.

Then add glue to underside of roll and adhere to flower center. Optional, add bead or sequin and gem to flower center. Use velcro to attach to Terial Arts table runner, wall art, or embellish your own holiday project!

Be sure to check out Terry's video on how to make a mounted poinsettia

Enjoy your craft!


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Terry McFeely
Terry McFeely on June 26, 2017

Terry shares her passion and love for all things DIY through the products she has created and blogs about. She founded Terial Arts™ in 2012 after inventing Terial Magic, a liquid fabric stabilizer, for fabric and fabric art creations. Terry has been a Jane-of All-Trades with a background in engineering, quilting, clothing, & bag design. She thrives on using things she collects to create beautiful art.