Surprising Painted Card Holders and Gift Boxes

Melody Howe | June 26, 2017

In this short tutorial, Melody Howe will walk you through the painting techniques she used to create these captivating pillow boxes and card holders. Using these techniques, you can add embellishments to existing paper crafts or add a unique finish to your next project.  


Tommy Art chalk colors are a highly versatile line of chalk-based mineral paints that add rich colors and unique textures wherever they’re applied. Plus, they adhere to most surfaces with little to no prep, including paper, plastic, wood, metal, glass, and more.  

Aged Metal


There are a number of Tommy Art metallic color combinations you can use to create the look of distressed or aging metal. For this example I used the Copper color as a base layer and, using the corrosive looking green chalk color, roughly brushed around the edges to create a few highlighted spots.

Distressed Ocean


Here, I was imagining the ocean while painting. I started with the darkest blue chalk color and layered the lighter tones over it for a blended matte blue gradient. Then I painted the metallic gold to make it look like the sun was setting on the surface. Or at least that's how I was envisioning it.

Vintage or Antique


For this classic vintage or antique look, I painted the base layer with chalk paint and used metallic paints only on the corners and edges to mimic the look of worn paint on a piece of wood. I really like how this effect turned out and I think it would work on any scale, small or large!

3D Leafing


Adding gold leafing, or faux gold leafing, to any project is so much easier than you’d think when using Tommy Art paints. After penciling an outline, I used a thin brush and painted the pattern with a few layers of dimensional gesso and finished it with a final layer of pink chalk color. I used a slightly darker pink for the little nooks and crannies to make the pattern pop more.

Dimensional Polka Dots


Here’s a fast and easy way to achieve a classic texture: the polka dot. Using two contrasting colors like black and gold (to create stark contrast), paint your base layers inside and out. Then, mixing up your colors, go through and add brushed edges and your polka dots.
I hope this little tutorial sparked your creativity and gave you some ideas for your next project. Check out the whole line of Tommy Art chalk colors and specialty products to expand your paper crafting possibilities!


I hope this little tutorial sparked your creativity and gave you some ideas for your next project. Check out the whole line of Tommy Art paints and specialty products to expand your paper crafting possibilities! 


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Melody Howe
Melody Howe on June 26, 2017

Melody was inspired to begin drawing at a very young age by her sister and family. Over the years she developed a passion for painting and storytelling, and now spends many hours illustrating and creating stories. Her love of books recently led her to a book-making class on making Artist and Pop-Up Books and she immediately fell in love with the craft. She hopes to expand her collection of hand-made books and share it with others, and to one day inspire children with her own published stories and illustrations.