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Making a Mixed Media Card using Doodles

Brandi York | May 8, 2017

Everybody loves to doodle. In this short tutorial Brandi York walks you through her process of turning her just-for-fun doodles—using Copic Various Inks and a Kirarina Wink pen—into a heartfelt card, perfect for friends and family.

For fun one day, I decided to drip a number of Various Inks I had sitting around on some paper and doodle over the top with a Kirarina Wink. The project was fun and relaxing and very simple! Kirarina Winks are great pens for crafting and doodling. The ink is opaque and slightly metallic, making them perfect for going over dark colors while still showing up vibrantly.

I started by choosing a few colors in Various Inks. I knew I was going to use a gold Kirarina, so I wanted darker, cooler colors. I eventually settled on Y21, R83, B29, and G12. While yellows and reds are not considered cool colors, Y21 and R83 are much cooler and muted than some of their brighter counterparts. Keep in mind the colors will dry lighter.

Note: Be sure to keep scratch paper under your work, as the ink will bleed through!

On a small piece of X-Press It Blending Card, I started by dripping some of the G12. There is by no means a right or wrong way to do this part (or any part of this project). Just start dripping!


While the G12 was still wet, I added B29 to the paper, letting the colors mix and push each other back and forth. The more ink on the paper, the more movement there will be. I did the same with the R83, drizzling it around the outer portions of what had already started to soak into the paper.

I kept adding color, trying to work quickly while the ink was still wet on the paper—watching it spread and push the other colors a bit. As the paper began to fill, I added Y21. You can see in some areas where the lighter color creates rings, pushing the still wet darker colors around.


If the ink is really wet, you can pick up the paper and use gravity to force the ink to run in different directions.

I continued adding more colors, letting some areas dry and then layering more on top. The nature of the ink allows the colors to mix and shift, even after they've dried.


Once you're happy with the base, let it dry completely. Give your Kirarina Wink a good shake to get everything mixed well and start doodling! I started in the middle of the paper, but you can start wherever you like. The idea of this is to have fun doodling, feeling free to change up the design as you go.

I started with a small flower with pointed petals, then transitioned into swirling leaves.


If your Kirarina is well mixed, it will only take one pass of the pen to cover even the darkest colors of the Various Inks. I continued doodling, adding hatching, Klimt-like circles, even scales.


There is no right or wrong way: just keep adding and changing, filling small areas with dots or textures, and others with designs.

You can choose to repeat some patterns, to help draw the eye through. I repeated the hatching and the chevrons, as well as the Klimt-like circles, to help tie the whole piece together.

Just relax, have fun, and enjoy the doodling!


When it's all finished, depending on the size of paper, you can turn it into cards! I used a store-bought card intended for inserting photos, but you can frame and display your art as you like!

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Topics: Illustration, Copic

Brandi York
Brandi York on May 8, 2017

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a young girl who grew up down the street from Disneyland. From 1992, and her first viewing of Beauty and the Beast, she began her long road as a portraiture artist and the life of a geek. More than 20 years and thousands of portraits later, Brandi's work has become a strange collection of fine art landscapes and florals, with the occasional en plein air piece, mixed with the geekier side of pop culture.