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Make an Easy and Heartfelt Hand Lettering Mother’s Day Card

Melody Howe | May 9, 2017

Show your mother how much you appreciate her with this short and sweet Mother’s Day card tutorial! Resident artist Melody How walks you through her simple, step-by-step process, which is perfect for paper crafters, cardmakers, and loving sons and daughters of all skill levels.   


Melody Howe has been hand lettering for a few years now, and her freehand is beautiful, but she’s also very familiar with the process and practice it took to build her skills and confidence. For any hand letterers just getting started, she’s included several basic tools here to help you develop your skills.

The main tool we’ll be using to make this card picture perfect is X-Press It Transfer Paper. It allows you to print an image directly onto the paper from your desktop printer, and, using an empty pen or other fine pointed stylus, transfer the image onto another surface. It’s a really fantastic learning tool for anyone wanting to get their feet wet and create professional-looking hand lettering.   

XpressIt-Mothers-Day-Card-Materials.jpgMaterials Used
  • Card Template (download here)
  • Bristol paper
  • X-Press It graphite transfer paper
  • Non aggressive tape
  • Inkless pen or pencil for tracing
  • Copics Sketch Markers
  • R00
  • YG63
  • YT67
  • Black Copic Multiliner (.5)

If you’d like to customize your message, Melody created a downloadable lettering alphabet you can use for this tutorial.  

Step 1: Print and Prep

Before you begin you’ll want to print the final card design onto the transfer paper using your desktop printer. Also fold and cut the bristol paper to the desired size of the final card.

Step 2: Tape and Trace

Once you have your materials sized correctly, tape the transfer paper in place on top of the bristol paper so it doesn’t shift around while tracing.


Then take your inkless pen or pencil and trace the image on the transfer paper, and the outline will appear on the bristol paper below. The more pressure you apply while tracing, the darker the outline will appear on the bristol paper.



Step 3: Final Outline

Once your image has been fully traced and transferred, remove the tape and the transfer paper to reveal your outline. Then use Copic Multiliner to trace over the lines.


Step 4: Color and Customize

Once your outline is crisp and defined, feel free to make the card your own. Melody used a few Copic Sketch Markers (R00, YG63, YT67) to give the card a nice spring feel. Choose any colors you’d like, color to your heart's content, and make sure to include a personal message to mom on the inside.


After that, you’re all ready to grab an envelope and drop your Mother’s Day card in the mail!

If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to know more about the hand lettering process, check out this video. Or if you’re looking to make a Father’s Day card using the same method, check out this post!


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Melody Howe
Melody Howe on May 9, 2017

Melody was inspired to begin drawing at a very young age by her sister and family. Over the years she developed a passion for painting and storytelling, and now spends many hours illustrating and creating stories. Her love of books recently led her to a book-making class on making Artist and Pop-Up Books and she immediately fell in love with the craft. She hopes to expand her collection of hand-made books and share it with others, and to one day inspire children with her own published stories and illustrations.