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Lesson Plans to Blend Art with Science

Creative Team | May 8, 2017

Looking for a free arts education resource that blends arts and science? This free creature design curriculum, taught by world-acclaimed creature designer, Terryl Whitlatch, combines an in-depth knowledge of zoology and animal anatomy.


We want to tell you about a free online curriculm that will teach you the basics of drawing creatures and advance your abilities through our master class. The lessons appeal to both the beginner or advanced student, that's because the free curriculum has four different levels available to suit your needs. 

Individual, project-based Lessons

As the North American distributor for Copic markers, Imagination International encourages the use of Copic markers in each learning experience, but you can use any art supplies you have available. The goal of the project-based lessons is to create your own unique and inspiring final project. We focus at the individual level, rather than classes.

We know that most teacher resources include a materials list, applicable National Visual Arts Standards, student objectives, step-by-step activity procedures, assessment options, and possible vocabulary terms. This program involves individual lessons that range in age and grade level, so are adaptable to most classroom settings, including homeschool.


Creatures of Amalthea

Creatures of Amalthea (COA) is the name of the program. You'll be learning from an industry-leading concept artist, Terryl Whitlatch. She's famous for the creature design work she has done.

The three-part online curriculum equips you or your students with the skills required to develop their own creature designs based on solid art and science principles. Starting with research and design, then progressesing through the drawing and coloring until a full color concept illustration has been produced.

Our fully developed teaching manual expands upon the basic online Creatures of Amalthea curriculum, and introduces a variety of additional activities and lesson ideas that encompass a number of subject areas.

Creature Creations and World Building

Creature Creations and World Building goes byeond creature design by incorporating creative writing. With a nod to the online COA program, this workshop takes our high school and college level creature design curriculum and adapts it to an upper elementary and middle school learning situation.

Our fully developed teaching manual includes sequential lessons that walk students through building a landscape, creating a unique creature, and developing written descriptions and narratives. The manual includes teacher resources for successful planning and prep as well as all necessary student handouts.


Creature Feature: Design and Storyboarding

While there is pressure to offer academic-based programs during the afterschool hours, the last thing children want after school is more school. This program is geared toward extended learning programs and focuses on engaging creative art activities with a few “hidden” academic enrichment lessons blended in.

Our lesson plans and teaching manuals are created and written by teachers, for teachers. 

Using the online COA program as the basis for the creative design process, Creature Feature is a three-term program that teaches setting and creature design, research skills, creative and descriptive writing, and storyboarding for upper elementary and middle school students.  Our manual includes teacher resources for successful planning and prep as well as all necessary student handouts.


Why are we doing this? At Imagination International, Inc. (iii) we value arts education. We actively engage in helping schools and individual teachers enhance their art programs. It’s no secret that funding for schools is scarce, art programs are dwindling, and there simply isn't enough time for lesson planning.

That's why we continue to offer free, educational art programs that educators and everyday people can use to enhance their creative potential. Our lesson plans and teaching manuals are created and written by teachers, for teachers. 

Watch online videos, download lesson plans, and more. We're here to help you blend art with science! 

Take Me to Amalthea


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Creative Team
Creative Team on May 8, 2017

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