How to Customize Your Journal with Hot Ribbon

Creative Team | June 26, 2017

Looking to add a little flare to your journal? We show you how to customize your journal with your very own design using Hot Ribbon.

Customize your journal with Hot Ribbon

  • Tempered Glass
  • Non-Stick Pressing Sheet
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Mini Iron 
  • Hot Ribbon - Black, Royal Blue, Gold, Purple and Blue
  • senseBook 

Saxon Campbell Art

Step 1: Find inspiration

Like most of my creative projects, I started my path on Pinterest. I knew that I wanted to do some type of geometric design on the cover of my senseBook, and searched for something that would work. I came across these images from designer, Saxon Campbell and thought they would work great with Hot Ribbon since the designs were mostly straight lines.  

How to use Hot Ribbon

Step 2: Construct your design with Hot Ribbon

After placing my design under the pane of tempered glass for an easy guide, I began cutting pieces to size. Once the pieces were cut, I began by placing my ribbon over the desired area of the glass and tacked it to the glass using a mini iron. 

Gold was the hardest color to tell which side was supposed to face down. It is easier to tell by feel. The smooth side should face down. If the wrong side is face up it will be easy to tell because the ribbon will melt and shrivel right away. 


  • Once you have heated the mini iron, you can still move the ribbon with the side of the iron to make the line straight.
  • Start with heating one corner and then moving along the strip. Reposition the ribbon and heat the rest of the strip.
  • The sides of the iron can leave indentation in the ribbon. In order to avoid this, use a continuous motion when heating. If you’re pieces are small, heat the entire piece at once.
  • Make sure you keep your scraps; they may work for other areas of your project. 

Customize your Journal with Hot Ribbon

Once I completed my design on the glass, I made sure it was bonded together before attempting to remove it. 

Hot Ribbon

Step 4: Adhere your Hot Ribbon

For the next step I used a standard size iron and a non-stick pressing sheet. I placed my design on the  sensBook and laid the pressing sheet over the Hot Ribbon. I permanently adhered the Hot Ribbon to my senseBook by pressing the standard size iron (set on medium high) onto the pressing sheet for about a minute.

Tip: Make sure your design doesn’t move when placing the pressing sheet over it.

Here are the finished pieces!

DIY Journal with Hot Ribbon

DIY Journal with Hot Ribbon

DIY Journal with Hot Ribbon

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For more great inspiration like this, be sure to check out the Imagination International, Inc. Pinterest page!


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Creative Team
Creative Team on June 26, 2017

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