DIY Fabric Flower Tutorial

Creative Team | June 26, 2017

We all love flowers and know how easy they are to spice up your favorite wardrobe piece, hair accessory or the decor in your home, right? Well we have the easy DIY fabric flower tutorial here for you to create your own fabric flowers that last for the whole season and longer!

The Terial Magic "Low-Fray" Way!

Follow these simple steps in our fabric flower tutorial and you will have bouquets, hair accessories, and clip on flowers to adorn your favorite shoes or purse. We'll guide you through the Terial Arts™ method of making fabric flowers. In this tutorial we recommend using double sided fabric for a richer look in the finished flower. The batiks and some quilting cottons are perfect choices! So grab your favorite prints and colors and let’s get started!

Step 1: Treat your fabric with Terial Magic.

How to Use Terial Magic

For step-by-step instructions on treating your fabric with Terial Magic, take a look at our video.

Step 2: Cut your fabric using our patterns.

Using the Terial Arts™ pattern of your choice (we are using the Poppy pattern here), lay out the pattern pieces per the instructions on your fabric and cut out using your fabric scissors. Flower construction varies with each pattern. Each fabric flower pattern has easy to follow illustrations and instructions.

Step 3: Lay out your pieces.

Lay out the pattern pieces on your treated fabric and cut them out.

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Step 4: Add your flower stems.

Next, take the leaf wire (22 gauge) and wrap it onto the stem wire (18 gauge) as shown. 

Fabric Flower Stem

Step 5: Sew the dart down.

Sew the dart down the center of the leaf. This will accept the wire in the next step, so leave the bottom open and tack both ends.

Fabric Flower Sewing Tutorial

Step 6: Insert the leaf wire.

Insert leaf wire into the end of the sleeve on your leaf. Now your ready to cover the stem with fabric!

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Step 7: Glue the stem.

Finger press stem fabric in half, center stem wire along fold and glue a section at a time as shown, then press together with fingertips until it’s dry.

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Step 8: Baste stitch the edge to create a fringe effect.

Now on to the center of the Poppy, the Stigma. Baste stitch 1/4” from the edge of the piece along one side. Cut slits along the opposite edge of the Stigma just up to the 1/4” baste stitch so you create a fringe effect.

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Step 9: Baste stitch the poppy petal.

Now baste stitch the poppy petal 1/4” from the straight edge, gather and place bead of glue on top of the stitches like you did for the stigma. 

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Step 10: Wrap the petal around the stem.

Now wrap the petal around the base of the stigma and top of the stem. Continue to do this for all the petal pieces. Add alternate petal centers with petal spaces for realistic full flowers. It's beginning to look like a fabric flower! 

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Step 11: Add glue.

Add glue to sash edge and wrap over petal base gathers. Add glue to opposite edge and wrap to meet in center, overlapping if needed.

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Terial Magic Fabric Flower

Step 12: Finish the flower.

And to finish your poppy flower, just open the petals and fluff. 


Easy peezy, right? Now you can make several more of these in various shades or prints and create a beautiful fabric flower bouquet for your entry or kitchen window.

Purchase the Terial Arts poppy pattern used for this fabric flower tutorial or see other fabric flower patterns to accessorize your wardrobe or home!


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Creative Team
Creative Team on June 26, 2017

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