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Custom DIY Stamps with Transfer Paper!

Creative Team | May 8, 2017

You've spent countless hours drawing a favorite piece. Uploading it to social media just isn't enough—it deserves to be something more! With X-Press It Transfer Paper you can easily transform your drawing into a custom table top design, cover art for your sketchbook, or canvas art piece. Your options with Transfer Paper are endless, but thankfully your time commitment is not. Denise Lutz shows you how.

X-Press It Transfer Paper Stamp

Transfer Paper is similar to old-school carbon paper, but the differences between the two can change your process drastically! Carbon paper is messy, permanent, and sometimes tracing your line-work can be done much easier with a lightbox.

This Transfer Paper takes carbon paper's game to the next level. It's printable, erasable, acid free, wax free, and can be used on fabric with no residue after washing! This means that you can now scan your image into your computer, scale it digitally, and print it on Transfer Paper for a different sized application. This opens up so many creative possibilities for applications on different surfaces. 

For this project, I took one of my illustrations and printed it onto Transfer Paper to create rubber stamps. When I started this project I wasn’t sure what size I wanted my stamp to be, so I simply resized my drawing and printed two versions on to the Transfer Paper. As creative people we know that it is always nice to have flexibility with our work, so using this Transfer Paper was really exciting and time-saving!


Step 1: Choose what you want to trace!

Whether it is an original drawing or you want to trace your favorite animal picture!

Step 2: Print your design.

After you've made your selection, print your design onto the X-Press It Transfer Paper using the manual feed tray of your inkjet printer. Insert sheet with the colored side down.  It is recommended to use draft or low ink print settings.

X-Press It Transfer Paper

Step 3: Secure your transfer paper.

Place the X-Press It Transfer Paper with the color side facing down on your chosen surface (in this case we are using the carving block). In order to get a clean and accurate transfer, secure your Transfer Paper onto your chosen surface. I used low-tack double-sided tape in all four corners to help minimize the movement.

Step 4: Transfer your image.

Using a stylus, dull pencil, or pen, trace your design, applying pressure to the back of the Transfer Paper to transfer the design onto the carving block. Depending on how hard your chosen rubber is (I used a harder rubber), be careful not to rip through your transfer paper with the point of your tracing tool. In some delicate areas I traced with a thin plastic film over the transfer paper to protect it from ripping.

X-Press It DIY Stamp

Step 5: Lift the transfer paper.

Gently lift two corners of the transfer paper to check your design. If there are areas that didn't transfer well, then you can always lay the transfer paper back down and trace over them again. Otherwise, lift the other two corners up to fully reveal your design.

Step 6: Carve your block.

Using your carving tools begin to relief your design from the carving block. Remember that you're trying to carve away the white rubber, so don't carve away your transferred lines! Start by carving the smaller, inner details first so your design doesn't get too unstable.

Step 7: Test your stamp.

Test your stamp, then clean up any small flaws that you find. Once you have achieved your desired effect you are ready to start stamping!

X-Press It DIY Stamp

Step 8: Choose your ink.

For this project I choose to use relief ink and a rubber brayer for my final stamping process but there are a variety of ways to do this final step. Some great alternatives: pigment inkpads or a brush and acrylic paint.

X-Press It Custom DIY Stamp

We'd love to see what you create with Transfer Paper! Post on ourFacebook page, or tag us on Instagram or Twitter to show off your creations!


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Creative Team
Creative Team on May 8, 2017

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