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Fabric Labels, Made With Your Printer!

Creative Team | May 8, 2017

Have you wanted to make fabric lables but have found it cumbersome to stitch or print the lettering and logo on fabric? Today we are thrilled to introduce guest blogger Traci Gibson, who will walk us through creating beautiful DIY fabric lables. 

Fabric Labels

My name is Traci, and I am the owner of the Blue Door Quilt Company. I make T-Shirt Quilts, Memory Quilts, and Memory Bears. Last year while at the Houston International Quilt Festival, I was taking a craft class and struck up a conversation with another longarm quilter. We talked about our process and the products we like to use. I was telling my classmate how I wasn’t happy using iron on stabilizer for my T-Shirt quilts and wanted a better way to stabilize fabrics. She told me to check out the Terial Arts products, and WOW what a difference Terial Magic Liquid Stabilizer has made in my business!

I now use Terial Magic to stabilize my t-shirts before cutting them to the proper size and they do not stretch out. It works perfectly and it's like MAGIC. You can even print on cotton after it is stiffened using an inkjet printer. Afterwards I thought, "what about a Laserjet printer? Because I need to make quilt labels and maybe this way would be cheaper than buying the printable fabric."  Here are the results and how I did it:

Fabric Labels

Step 1

To design my quilt labels I use digital clip art bought on Etsy. Then I add my text and I'm ready to print. I designed my labels in Microsoft Power Point although Microsoft Publisher works too.

Fabric Labels

Step 2 

Cut a piece of cotton fabric larger than 8.5” x 11”. Spray with Terial Magic letting the fabric air dry for a bit then when almost dry press with iron. Cut down to printer paper size 8.5” x 11”.

Fabric Labels

Step 3

Load Terial Magic treated fabric into printer and print.

Fabric Labels

Step 4

As you can see the results are fantastic!

Fabric Labels

Step 5

Iron on high setting to set the colors. Simply cut apart and sew on your quilt. Here are a few examples of my individual labels. I purchased all my digital fonts and designs from Etsy. Let your creativity run wild! The sky is the limit with Terial Magic!

Fabric Labels

Fabric Labels

Fabric Labels

A HUGE thank you to Traci for showing us your method for fabric labels! These add such a professional yet personal touch to quilts and are so easy to make!

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Creative Team
Creative Team on May 8, 2017

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