DIY Wall Art: Geometric Polar Bear Craft

Creative Team | June 26, 2017

Fill that blank wall in your office with DIY modern art! This simple geometric polar bear craft is part affordable decor idea, part fun team-building activity!


DIY Geometric Polar Bear

DIY Geometric Polar Bear Project

There's nothing worse than empty wall space in a workplace...especially when you just happen to be in the arts supply business! Determined to make every corner of our space inspiring, our creative team came together to cover a bland office wall with this collaborative piece. The result? Our new polar bear friend (we call him Bruce!) that you can make yourself.

To make the project super easy, we're passing the fruits of our labor onto you in the form of a nifty downloadable template and materials list. All that leaves is for you to print, cut, assemble, and admire, so grab so co-workers and get puzzling!  

Step 1: Download the handy files and materials list here!

When you click to download the resources above, another tab will open with the option to download .DXF files (perfect if you have a plotter), or the .PDF files (for cutting all the pieces by hand).

DIY Geometric Polar Bear Stencil

You can use different card stock colors, or experiment with textured papers.  As you’re picking out paper, keep in mind that cardstock WILL work best—it’s thin enough to cut a Silhouette Cameo cutter and also stiff enough for the 3D look your going for, preventing any bending or creasing. 

Step 2: Print and Cut

We used the Silhouette Cameo to cut our pieces out, and it works great. The downloadable files are labeled by which color you should load into the printer or plotter. The pieces have been labeled with numbers to help you put the puzzle back together in the end.  We used shades of gray; you can use whatever colors you want, though. Just be sure to keep them organized!

As the pieces are cut out, refer to the provided template and write the number on the back of each piece. Trust me, you’re going to need those numbers!

Silhouette Cameo

DIY Geometric Polar Bear Project

Step 3: Assemble the Pieces

Once you have everything cut out and labeled, IT’S PUZZLE TIME! Use the reference picture provided to put your puzzle together. Don’t forget to leave a little bit of space between the pieces so the background will show through. 

We assembled our artwork on the final background that we wanted to use, so it would be easy just to lift the piece, put tape on, and lay it right back down. We also started with a middle piece (number 27) and worked our way out so that the bear would appear from the puzzle in the exact spot that we wanted.  

DIY Geometric Polar Bear Project

Step 4: Add Tape

Next, grab your Double-Sided X-Press It Foam Tape and start applying it to the pieces. We used the low tack 6 mm size for the outside edges and the low tack 12 mm for support on the bigger pieces (see images below).

DIY Geometric Polar Bear Project

DIY Geometric Polar Bear

Carefully line up and apply the pieces to your chosen background. Take note that this process was done after our morning coffee and we took TWO snack breaks to eat some salted almond chocolate. Yummmm.  :)

Final Step: Cover Your Boring Office Wall!

If everything goes according to plan, YOU’RE DONE! Take a step back and admire your beautiful work after covering that blank space in your office.

Geometric wall art polar bear

Since we were making this as a statement piece for our office, we framed it and hung it on the wall.

Geometric Polar Bear wall art

Want an awesome polar bear to live in your office? Visit the X-Press It store for all your essential supplies!


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Creative Team
Creative Team on June 26, 2017

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