DIY Reusable Fabric Party Decor

Creative Team | June 26, 2017

So you'd like to stun your friends with amazing handmade decorations for a themed party? The great thing about these DIY party decorations is that they can be used again and again because they are made of fabric. 

DIY Reusable Party Decor ideas

Finding inexpensive ways to fill a room with decor that matches your theme perfectly can be a challenge! I wanted to use leftover fabric scraps to create inexpensive party decorations, and that's how I discovered Terial Magic fabric stiffener.  

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Supplies Needed 


  • Die Cut Machine
  • Electronic Cutting Machine
  • Scoring board

Plan Your Idea

Map out your ideas for the fabric banners. I drew a sketch on a whiteboard that laid out how many pieces would be included, and how many different colors and patterns of fabric needed. I drew the actual banner and labeled each piece that would be cut out and glued onto each banner. Don’t be afraid to get super detailed here, it will only help you in the long run. For example, the letters that got cut out of one banner, I planned to sew onto the other banner, the scraps from one banner would look good as rosettes for another banner, etc. 

Gather Fabric 

Next, visit your favorite fabric store and pick out patterns that go nicely together.  I love choosing a general color palette, then picking out fun contrasting patterns within the general theme.


bright patterned bolts of fabric

Finalize Plans 

Now you’ll need to revisit your original idea and choose which fabric goes where within your design. Decide exactly which shapes should be cut from which fabrics. This can be a little confusing so take your time and don’t get too frustrated, you’re supposed to be having fun!

Spray Some Magic

Using Terial Magic water soluble fabric stabilzer, I treated all my fabric using the three-step process: spray until saturated, dry until damp, and iron smooth. Afterwards, I cut the treated material into 8.5x11 and 11x17 pieces depending on what shapes needed to be cut from which fabrics.stiffen fabric to cut it like paper with Terial Magic

Let the Cutter Do the Work

I used a Silhouette Cameo to design the shapes needed for the banner. Terial Magic treated fabric is easily cut by an electronic cutter or just simple scissors or die machines. You can even cut several layers of fabric at a time if you’re using a die cutter!

cut fabric into party decor with die cutter

Put The Banner Together 

Sew or glue all the banner pieces together according to your design sketch. Attach the pieces to a string to make a cute custom banner, perfect for your party decor dreams!

sew fabric into festive cloth party banner panels

Making Rosette Flowers

Cut strips from the 11x17 Terial Magic treated fabric pieces in whatever width you’d like the radius of your rosette to be. Accordion fold the strips—you can either score the fabric with a scoring board and tool, or just fold it free-hand.

pleat stiffened fabric for cloth flowers

Glue the two ends together using hot glue, fabric glue, or try X-Press It high-tack double sided tape! Once the sides are together, you may need to add a bead of glue to the middle of the rosette to ensure that it all holds together.

fold and hot glue pleated fabric into circles

I found that the more variety of sizes, the more interesting the wall looked when I was finished. I made big ones to be the focus and small ones to fill in the gaps. Even smaller ones, I glued to fishing line and hung from the ceiling which looked AWESOME.

bright and festive fabric rosette decorations

Making Tassels

I had a lot of scraps left over from the other projects and I didn’t want to waste my beautiful fabric. I came up with the idea to make tassels for the tables that used up almost all my scraps, becasue I'm thrifty like that. 

cut fabric into strips to make tassels
Cut lots of thin, long strips of Terial Magic treated fabric. Gather all the pieces together and fold in half. Leave a little gap in the top and wrap a string around three or four times and tie in a knot. Put glue on the ends of the string and wrap it at the base of the string. Use either a large needle or plastic yarn needle and string fun color string through the gap in the top of the tassels.

festive tropical fabric tassel party decor

Making Rosettes with Tassels

Repeat the steps from above using smaller strips of scrap (or not) fabric and add small strips of fabric to make tassels. I creased my tassels to give them a little dimension but they also look great just hanging straight.

combine fabric flowers and tassels into shooting stars

Now it's time to Party

bright party scene with bright sustainable decorations

Become the perfect party planner. Visit our Terial store for more fabric magic tricks!


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Creative Team
Creative Team on June 26, 2017

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