How to Art Journal with senseBook

Creative Team | June 26, 2017

Art journaling is a unique way to capture experiences, emotions, and places in visual form. Enjoy this brief tutorial from our Graphic Design Intern, Tristan! The goal of this tutorial is to help you create a page (or more) full of designs, words, illustrations, etc. that is an expression of your own experiences, thoughts, or emotions.

 Art Journal with senseBook



Step 1: Find something that inspires you.

This could be a phrase, shapes, patterns, lines, nature, other artwork, or an emotion. Whatever makes you feel something, use it!

How to art journal with senseBook

Step 2: Begin sketching

The sketches don’t have to be perfectly clean, but make sure the shape you want is somewhere in all the sketch lines.

How to art journal with senseBook

Step 3: Trace with a Copic Multiliner

Once the ink has had a couple of seconds to settle and dry, erase the pencil lines underneath.

Art journal with Copic Multiliners

Step 4: Create line thickness

A set of Copic Multiliner SP pens are the perfect tools to achieve this effect, since they come in varying nib widths, plus the two brush tips.

How to art journal with senseBook

Step 5: Build off your creation with more designs

Now that you have a starting point, build off of your creation with more designs. Let them interact! Give your designs and illustrations directionality. 

How to art journal with senseBook

Step 6: Juxtapose

Juxtaposition also adds to the overall effect. Drawing geometric designs next to more organic designs creates an eye-catching piece.

Step 7: Add emotion

Add emotion to your designs; draw objects around others that play on a specific feeling. Let your designs express what you feel!

Step 8: Don't worry about perfection

The goal is to get your thoughts, ideas and inspirations into your own personal sketchbook or art journal.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For more great art journaling inspiration, check out the Imagination International, Inc. Pinterest page!


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Creative Team
Creative Team on June 26, 2017

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