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Cute Planners

Creative Team | May 8, 2017

It's never too late to start planning! Whether it's a fresh start, new plans, future goals, or a new bucket list, planners are sure to get you organized. Eliminate hastily scribbled to-do lists with these stylish planner techniques!


Important Dates! 

Start out the year by taking some time and writing down all those important birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other annually recurring events. It might take a lot of time, but you'll be thankful when you flip the page to the new week and find out your mother's birthday has just crept up on you, with just enough time to figure out a present. If you're a little more artistic, then make them fun! Doodle these days, and you'll probably be less inclined to miss them. 



Color Coding!

Color coding can do WONDERS for planning! If you always have that Monday-morning gym class, write it in blue! Or another color that will make you excited to go! Write your plans with friends in one color, and your work deadlines in another. It's always safe to have an "other" category, for those events or tasks that just don't fit into all your nicely organized categories.   



One of our favorite tools to use in our planners are the double-sided Kirarina pens. The Kirarina 2win and 2win oil-based pens come in 36 different colors (think of all the planning), and the Kirarina WiNK pens come in 16 metallic colors. The original 2win scented pens come with a chisel nib, and fine nib for all your doodling needs on regular paper.  Each 2win oil-based pen has a round and fine nib, and can stick to any surface: paper, photo, glass, plastic, cloth. The Kirarina WiNK pens are especially fun because their metallic ink allows you to write on darker surfaces.


The last tip is probably the least organized but the most fun for personalization! Are there polka-dots on the cover, should there be flowers instead? Or smiley faces? Or ladybugs? Instead of something unappealing, you'll be much happier carrying around a planner that makes you want to open and use it. Get creative! 


Do you have any planner techniques that you find helpful? Share them in the comments below!

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Creative Team
Creative Team on May 8, 2017

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